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The Frauenthals of St. Louis, Missouri, USA  Genealogy and History

Frauenthal, Barney W.

Barney W. Frauenthal, general traffic agent of the United Railways Company of St. Louis, was born in White Haven, Pennsylvania, February 27, 1869. He attended the public schools at White Haven and completed his education at the Central State Normal School at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

In May, 1883, Mr. Frauenthal entered the service of the Union Depot Company in the telegraph department of the old Union depot at Twelfth and Poplar streets, where he was steadily promoted to higher responsibilities in the telegraph and ticket departments. 

In 1893 he accepted a position with the Wabash Western Railway Company in a capacity preparatory to fitting him for the information bureau of the St. Louis Union station, then in process of construction. 

On the opening of the Union station, September 2, 1894, he was given charge of the information bureau and under his unique direction it became the first successful organized bureau for the dissemination of general information in the world. 

On January 25, 1904, he was promoted to the position of general ticket agent of the Union station, comprising nineteen associated lines. On April 10, 1912, he was appointed general passenger and ticket agent of the Terminal Railroad Association, the St. Louis Merchants Bridge Company and The Wiggins Ferry Company. 

On September 25, 1919, he severed his connection with the steam railways and accepted an appointment by Rolla Wells as general traffic agent for the United Railways Company of St. Louis under the receivership.

Mr. Frauenthal was president of the Barney's Information Guide Company, a director of the Union Station Trust Company, and treasurer of the Mount Olive Building & Loan Association. 

He was elected by the city council a member of the Mullanphy board, a charity trust fund, the city of St. Louis being trustee, and in 1908 he served as vice president of that board. 

In 1909 he served as the first president of the Shaw's Garden District Improvement Association and from July 10, 1912, until August 31, 1914, he was a member of the Hospital Board of the city of St. Louis and when that board was abolished by the new charter, he was, on July 19, 1915, appointed a member of the Municipal Nurses Board of the city of St. Louis, created by the new charter, and he served as vice president of that body until October 17, 1918.

Mr. Frauenthal's entire business career has been identified with railroad service and his activities have been of a most constructive and important character. His original method of organizing the bureau of information won for him a national reputation, and his advance from that position has been steady on account of his capable and quick grasp of his duties. 

While his business activities have constantly increased in volume and Importance, he has at the same time devoted much time to public service. He has labored untiringly to further general progress and to improve all of the public offices he has held.

Mr. Frauenthal is a charter member of Magnolia Masonic Lodge and prior to the formation of that lodge he had been an active member of Pride of the West Lodge, A. F. & A. M. In 1891 and 1892 he was colonel commanding the Missouri Division of the Sons of Veterans, U. S. A. 

In 1905 Mr. Frauenthal was elected secretary of the St. Louis Railway Club and he has been annually reelected since, having also previously served that club as first vice president for a number of years. His principal diversion is hunting and fishing when leisure permits.

On May 22, 1895, Mr. Frauenthal was married to Miss Louise D. Schwab of Ironton, Iron county, Missouri. Four children were born of this union, Jeanne, Edward, Mrs. Lucille Aubuchon and Bernice Ebsworth.

Barney Frauenthal was the father of Edward A Frauenthal of St. Louis, my grandfather.  Edward A Frauenthal married Lillian Gapen and they had two daughters together, Virginia Frauenthal Walhus and Ann Frauenthal King.  Virginia married Don Walhus and they had two children, Paul Terry Walhus and Alice Ann Walhus Whiteneck.  Ann Frauenthal married Harold King and they had two children, Carol King Marshall and Corky King, who married Julie.  Paul Terry Walhus, married Dorothy Epp of Vancouver BC and Alice Ann Walhus married Don Whiteneck of Alamo, California.

Edward A. Frauenthal, my grandfather, started out as a paperboy in St. Louis.  At a young age, 16, he won a car for distributing the most newspapers as a paperboy.  Eventually, he worked for Westinghouse Air Brake Division in St. Louis and worked downtown.  He bought a summer place in Chautauauqua, Illinois where we spent summers when I was a kid growing up in St. Louis.  There's a discussion of Chautauqua at 

My grandmother Lillian Gapen Frauenthal, liked to spent her evenings playing bridge on the screened in porch at Chautauqua with my grandpa and their friends The kids went off to the "Community Sing and Movies" that they had in the covered theater at the top of the hill near our cottage.

Family Tree (Frauenthal Gapen):

Son, Paul Terry Walhus

                    Virginia Frauenthal Walhus

Lillian Annie Gapen               Edward Albert P??y Frauenthal
Grandmother                       Grandfather

Adelaide Wolf Fletcher            Louise Schwab
Great Grandmother                 Great Grandmother 

Mark M. Fletcher                  Barney W. Frauenthal
Harry A. Gapen                    Great Grandfather
Great Grandfather

Edward A. Frauenthal, Grandfather had 3 sisters

Bernice Frauenthal Ebsworth
Jeanne Frauenthal
Lucille Frauenthal

Family Tree (Walhus Hellickson)

                   Donald F. Walhus

Ruth Hellickson                   Martin John Walhus
Grandmother                       Grandfather

Mary Castor Abbotts               Isabella Hendrickson
Great Grandmother                 Great Grandmother

Eli C. Hellickson                 John M Walhus
Great Grandmother                 Great Grandfather


    Birth Date: 3 Oct 1897 
    Death Date: Nov 1970 
    Social Security Number:  489-05-0634 
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Missouri record of Frauenthal

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